Sewing Machine Troubleshooting

Sitting down to sew a project at your machine can be a peaceful, enjoyable experience, but it can also be an exercise in frustration. If your sewing machine tends to fight you every step of the way, causing you to mumble under your breath and clench your teeth in irritation, it may be time to consider employing these sewing machine troubleshooting steps. Limiting the problems you may potentially experience with your machine before you sit down to sew will help lower your frustration levels so that you can have an enjoyable time crafting. You can always ask for more information.

Let’s examine a few things that individuals frequently deal with when they sit down to sew, and how you can troubleshoot these issues:

Breaking Needles

Sewing MachineOften as a needles becomes worn or dull, it simply snaps off. This can wreak havoc on the project that you’re working on, temporarily, causing you to have to pick out your stitches and back track. Needles will also break if your thread tension is consistently off, or if you’re using the wrong size of needle for the fabric that you’re working with. Keep your sewing machine needles sharp, in good shape, and use the correct needle for the fabric that you’re working with in order to avoid this problem.

Skipped Stitches

If the tension is off on your thread or the material is feeding incorrectly through the machine, you may find that your machine is skipping stitches, leading to an unprofessional look to your finished product. This can also occur if your sewing machine needle is slightly bent, but not yet broken.

Mechanical Noises or Grinding Parts

If your sewing machine makes any type of mechanical noise or grinding noise, it likely needs professional service. In general, if you hear a sound like metal scraping on metal, you will want to stop your machine immediately and call a sewing machine repair shop. Continuing to operate your machine may lead to permanent damage.

While simple issues with your sewing machine can be repaired at home using basic troubleshooting techniques, serious issues must be handled by a professional repair shop.

Stool Office Chair

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You Will Be Happy When You Give Yoga A Try

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You Will Feel Great When You Get Started With Yoga

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